It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since my last “What’s New” Post. Business has been great and I am fortunate that I have been doing what I love. A few months ago when I was contemplating my “Fall Fashion” piece, I discovered something that put my posts, my career and my life on hold…

In October I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, DCIS to be exact, one of the most common and curable Breast Cancers. My husband and I affectionately coined it 'easy peasy Cancer'....we have young kids, we can't help it. Seriously though, we were told surgery then your done!

Even though we have all been touched by Cancer in some way I never thought of it happening to me. I mean, I eat super healthy, I exercise...as my six year old daughter said “Mommy, that's impossible, you’re the healthiest person in our family.”  News Flash, doesn't matter. Nope. Cancer sometimes just happens. The Big ‘C'.

Long story short, it was not just one surgery, it was two, including a double mastectomy. It is not just one Cancer it is two. Every step of the way there has been another hurdle. My prognosis is still very good and my plan to kick this Cancer right in the ass seems to be working thus far.

In January I will start Chemo. I am scared, I am terrified and I will loose my hair......yes my hair, you heard me, my long, amazing, mermaid like hair, some would say my 'Thing', all things people have said to me about my locks. Well, as some of you may know I preemptively chopped it all off already to get used to the feeling, although I'm pretty sure nothing can prepare you for being bald.

When I first got this news I had strong feelings about keeping it to close friends and family, I mean I'm not going to post it on FB...or on my website...or IG much less Twitter. “That's just not me,” I said.

Then I realized talking about it is OK. It’s therapeutic and eventually I'm going to be able to take clients again and I might not have hair, wait that's weird, how do I go into people's homes helping them feel fabulous when I don't feel fabulous myself?

That brings me to this post, I will have bad days but my mission is to bring every ounce of positivity to the surface for myself and for anyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

I'm not sure what lies ahead for 2017 but I know it includes me.