Styling and Shopping Services

Consultation and Closet Editing


I come to your home for a personal one on one consultation where we discuss your needs and goals for your wardrobe. Then we head to your closet where we go through piece by piece deciding if we keep it, repurpose it or clean it out. I will give you tips on how to keep your closet organized and accessible. Your personal fashion starts in your closet. 

Once we are able to see what you have we will discuss the things you need to fill in the gaps and set a budget and plan for your Personal Styling Sessions.

This service is the perfect gift for someone who is ready to make a change, but isn't sure how to do it themselves. Let me help!

Typically this is a 3 to 5 hour session, depending on the size of the closet. One session is not guaranteed to get through your entire closet.

Personal Styling Sessions

Once we have assessed your needs in the consultation and closet audit, this service includes me shopping (at least 1 session) and styling (at least 1 session) of your new outfits, mixing the old with the new back at your newly organized closet. I will strictly hold to the budget you set and cater the shopping accordingly. And if you wish, you can shop with me.

This usually consists of 2 to 6 sessions.

Personal Shopping for a Special Event

Do you have an office party coming up, family portraits, a Red Carpet Event? Are you trying to find the perfect outfit for a wedding, photo shoot, or varied looks for head shots? This is the service for you. 

I will shop the options for you and make sure you have a completely styled look head to toe. 

Depending on the type of event and whether or not you want to shop with me, this could be 1 to 5 sessions.

Tune Up

Seasons change, fashions change, you change. We already assessed your closet and we know we work well together, this follow up service is to let you know that this can be an on going relationship. 

Since you already know what I can do for you, the amount of sessions is up to you.

Please contact me for a quote

Cost of clothing not included.