Amy is the best! She brings a ton of energy and experience into the work. Two sessions with her changed my whole look. I was wearing sweats everyday and feeling bad about it and now I have jeans that fit, cute dress shirts and a plan for what to wear when I go out which brings on a lot more confidence. She does it all on a budget. I think I saved money working with her because I didn't over spend on things I didn't need. I can't recommend Amy enough. She is a joy to work with.

Jen C., Real Estate Agent

Amy is amazing! What she did for me during a recent shopping consult was simply magic. I have a special event coming up and knew with my work schedule I wouldn’t have time to find the perfect dress. I also needed to replenish my work wardrobe. She not only helped me find some great work basics to replace some worn ones, but also helped me get some amazing dresses that I would have never considered had I gone shopping alone. These dresses were on fire! They made me look, dare I say it... sexy! She is generous with her input and feedback, while consistently on point with her style advice!

Nancy Barba, Manager

Any was a delight to work with. She is a skilled stylist with a good eye and an appreciation for individual style. She is kind, supportive, encouraging, and funny. My summer wardrobe got pulled together and polished more quickly than I would have imagined possible. I feel well-dressed everyday and I can’t wait to start shopping for fall and winter.

Ronnie Kaye,

Amy is AMAZING! I found out about Amy through a mutual contact. I don’t like to shop and my work clothes are a reflection of that. I dress professionally at work and wanted to take it up a notch and decided to give her a call. After a five minute conversation getting to know me and an idea of what I was after we scheduled a time to meet. She spent some time putting some things together that she thought would fit the look I was looking for. I walked in and it was perfect! I have no idea how she did it but she nailed it. I let her know I was looking for a couple of suits and she had laid out about 8 suits. Perfect range of being conservative and a little more on edge- They would’ve all worked but she helped me narrow it down to 2. Helped with everything else and before I knew it it was over and I am on set. I will definitely be working with her again and would highly recommend her.

Michael H.

Hi Amy. Hope you’re doing well!! I wanted to thank you again for helping me last year - I learned a lot and working with you really made fashion fun and applicable for me in my own real life!! It’s really nice to be able to look at my closet and go “Hey, I have stuff I WANT to wear!” And I’ve gotten positive comments from my friends who have not just observed that I’m not dressing like a high school girl anymore (haha), but also compliment me on pieces I now have in my wardrobe.

It’s really nice to have work and casual outfits that are fun and cute but also practical and fit in my everyday life!

Almost a year later, I’m still super happy that I had the good fortune to work with you! I shop smarter and feel like I've saved more from making better clothing choices in the long run, and I'm super happy with my new look!

Thanks for everything, Amy! 
Pearl Lai, Marketing Brand Manager

I have been working on editing my closet and creating a more intention curated wardrobe. I hired Amy to help with this process and to style the pieces that I own. Amy was wonderful! We went through every piece together and she helped me decide if the piece should stay or not. She helped me let go of some items that didn't fit into my newly defined personal style. We put some items on the side that I wasn't sure about and she had me try them on. Most of them were great pieces, but just didn't fit me right. So we talked through what needed altered and what just didn't flatter me. She then styled some of the pieces in ways I have never thought of. I feel like I have so many more options now! Amy was professional, offered suggestions and style tips and was an absolute pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her services!!

Tracy Koven, Events Planer 

I just finished working with Amy. It was a delight! I had work clothes and a few going out pieces but no outfits. And never the right shoe! Amy went through my already paired down closet and help me put together some new looks and make a shopping list for items I was missing.

Day two was shopping. We quickly found everything on my list, at great prices ( Nordstrom (and Rack), Target, Famous Footware). Very happy with my experience! Thanks Amy!

Nancy Lowery

Working with Amy was great! She was a wonderful resource deciding what should and shouldn't stay in my wardrobe in the closet audit. I had a blast shopping with her. Her insight into what would look good on me, what I should spend less/more money on and what pieces I should buy to get a complete wardrobe were spot-on. I loved having her over to put together outfits. I am thrilled with the results and am excited to continue to use her for wardrobe updates in the future.

Lara Unger, Attorney

I needed three dresses for my son's upcoming wedding - bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. I started looking about a year ago with little results. A friend recommended Amy to me. We had one meeting so Amy could get to know exactly what my wardrobe needs were for these upcoming events. She went to Saks, Neimans, and the Nordstroms in Topanga (I never would have driven that far). She brought about 50 dresses for me to try and now my wardrobe is complete. All my worries about these dresses are gone. I can just relax and have and not panic about what to wear.  

I have a very good Nordstrom's personal shopper, but we were stuck only getting clothes from Nordstroms. Amy goes to all the best stores and is able to get many different designer dresses.  

I highly recommend Amy, and will use her services again for any future events. She is conscientious, a good listener, knowledgeable about current style trends, also knew I would look better in classic cuts. I left everything in her capable hands and was frustration free. Since she brought all the clothes to my house, I just tried on clothes in the comfort of my own home. No going from store to store and trying on clothes on multiple days because there is no way a person could go to all these stores in one day and have the selection that Amy brought to my house. I met her one day, she went shopping, and she came back to my home with the best selection of clothes. It was like having a friend picking out clothes with me. She was not afraid to say "that's not right" even if I was on the fence about something. She is interested in getting the best for her clients. I picked out everything I need. She even helped with alterations, and she texted to see if the alterations went well.  

I owe Amy a big hug. Job well done.

Jo Lewis

Needed a dress for a black tie wedding in Florida. After spending weeks exhausting on-line shopping and a few store purchases, I surrendered.  

Amy came highly recommended by a close friend. Upon connecting with her, she came to meet me that afternoon, to look at my body, style, etc. 3 days later she showed up with more dresses for the wedding than I ever found on line as well as some other pieces and the foundational garments.  
She knocked it out of the park and I felt like a million bucks at the wedding. People still comment on my dress weeks after the fact.  

I wouldn't hesitate to use her again when I have some time to clean out my closet. Amy has a great eye and fully understands the needs of her client. I highly recommend!

Lisa Rado, CN, IHC, RADO Nutrition

I had a wonderful experience with Amy! Not only was she helpful in person, but she assisted me via phone, email, texts. Even before our actual set session, she made me feel comfortable, was communicative, attentive and helpful. She taught me great new things for my wardrobe, for my body type; whether it be for professional events, red carpet, and/or every day life. In addition, she provided me with trade secrets to always look my best! She knows her stuff, and she's the real deal!!

Karen Gedissman, Actor

Amy is awesome! Our time together for the initial audit session absolutely flew by but we successful spring cleaned my wardrobe (seven garbage bags worth of give-aways!) and I was left with a functional closet still full of fabulous clothes. Amy helped me feel confident about wearing all the clothes that we kept, taught me little tricks to keeping my outfits on trend and moving forwards hat to look for when I shop. I hope I'll be able to have her back some day for a follow up and styling experience. I highly recommend Amy!

Stephanie Streja, Choir Conductor, Teacher

Amy is a great stylist. I needed to upgrade my wardrobe and she was a huge help. She came over and looked at what I had, what staples I was missing, and understood what I was needing in order to keep us focused when shopping. We picked out a lot of the same things, but she also chose some things for me to try which I would otherwise pass up which worked really well. Amy isn't intimidating, has a fun personality, and is great at her job. I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!

Jodi Greenstein, HR Director

I booked a 5 hour closet session with Amy. I believe I have a much smaller closet than most women and I am certain I don't have as many clothes as the majority of women do. I didn't think I could use an entire 5 hour session but boy was I wrong. The first half an hour Amy spent understanding my goals and learning my style. We then headed to my closet and went through every single piece of clothing I had. I would try it on, tell Amy what I liked about the garment, what I didn't like, and if I knew what to wear it with. Amy helped me to determine if an article of clothing was or was not a "keeper" by discussing possible alterations to the item. She would provide her professional opinion on how flattering, or unflattering, the garment was for me in a nice way. The overall experience was wonderful and made for a great memory. I felt like I was with an old girlfriend for the day and got to be the center of attention, which was great, and got good honest input about how things looked on me or could look on me. Probably the most valuable piece of information was helping me understand what style of jeans would look best on my figure. I am a new mother and was blessed with a beautiful son and a not so beautiful muffin top. Understanding how to look great in jeans is a gift in itself. My session with Amy has really provided valuable information that has given me a lot of confidence when dressing in the morning. The only downside of my experience with Amy is that I want more of Amy!

Vanessa Herrera, Stay-at-home Mom

Amy is an amazing stylist and a resource I think everyone would benefit from. I think of myself as a pretty stylish person and enjoy putting outfits together but I felt in-between styles and wanted someone to help me find myself a bit as well as someone who could identify the things I was missing. I'm great at buying fun pieces but sometimes miss the basics to create the whole outfit so I have items I never wear. Between the great tips on how to take care of my clothes, objective feedback on what was working and what wasn't and help finding the best basics (e.g. ones that didn't feel blah but were good fabrics and cuts for me) I now feel like my style and closet is at a whole new wardrobe. And I feel like I've rediscovered myself. And shopping with Amy was FUN because she was able to find pieces that worked on me right away so I didn't waste time trying on many things that were wrong for me (which can just kill the mood when you're shopping).

Working with a stylist seems like an unaffordable luxury but I guarantee it's within reach and worth the money for the time saved and impact it will have on your self-confidence and sense of self.

Mariena Quintanilla, Director, Solutions Architecture

I really enjoyed working with Amy. She was very thorough and efficient in getting through the task in the time we had. While she was there to help me get through a process that I admittedly struggle with, she managed to keep me in the drivers seat which made it easier to let go of some very old and unnecessary belongings. Amy is very upbeat and easy to talk to. I would definitely enjoy working with her again!

Natalie Zigal, Project Designer in the Toy Industry

Amy is very friendly and warm. She is also prompt, flexible and professional. I received her services as a gift. To my surprise I liked the process and love my new outfits. I confidently advise hiring Amy!

Lin Weinberg, Fertility Specialist

I wear plus size and I hired Amy to help me wade through the old-ladyish selections and find a wardrobe that would make me feel confident, professional, but still young. Also I felt like I had no personal sense of style. 

My experience with Amy couldn't have been better. In three sessions she helped me see that I actually do have a sense of style, and figure out what it is. She was always completely honest but in a totally positive and non-judgmental way. I hate the mall but Amy actually made shopping pleasant and I don't think I'll ever want to go to a mall without her again. She put together over 40 different outfits for me with my old and new items (and could have kept going), and I am excited that even remaining items from my old wardrobe feel new now. 

I whole-heartedly recommend Amy if you are looking for a boost in confidence in your appearance, and guidance in how to get there. I can't tell you what a relief it is to, instead of agonizing over what to wear, just flip through the outfit pictures choose one of Amy's creations. I will definitely work with Amy again.

Carrie Rosen, TV Writer

As an author who often is rooted to my desk at home a lot, I don't spend much time thinking about clothes---so when it comes time to hit the road for book promotion, I find myself at a loss! This time, though, I wised up and hired Amy for help. Since I had gained a lot of weight from injury, we didn't do her usual closet audit: I was starting with ground zero, getting used to a my new size.

I wish I'd found Amy years ago! I would've have saved so many hours and so much money: not only does she have the ability to quickly see what will work for a body type, but she also has vision and can show how a piece can be altered to work well. She is an incredible listener and intuitively knows what you'll feel comfortable with and fits with your style. She never imposes, only listens, and shopping with her is also a bit like private tutoring: already I can see her knowledge and perspective rubbing off on me. Down to earth, kind, funny, and tactful, she'll also make the experience really fun. 

I'll certainly be continuing with Amy on a regular basis. She's not just a stylist -- she's a teacher who'll give you the resources to be more successful shopping yourself!

Kristen Kittscher, Author

Pretty stellar experience. I never thought a personal stylist was for me, or affordable, but working with Amy has been fantastic. Shopping used to be a sweat-inducing, mind numbing sort of personal purgatory, especially since I've gained so much weight post-baby. Amy's calm, casual, fun way of evaluating my closet and helping me understand what will look good on my new body, made it a fun experience. I ended up with great new pieces on a reasonable budget, and looked great on my vacation to visit family in Asia. 

Thanks Amy!

Sophia Liang, Consultant

Amy and I spent 5 hours going through my closet. The time went by in a flash. She gave honest feedback about what was great, what was not so great, what might be alterable, what I should part with and the few changes I can make to update my wardrobe. She has a good eye and provides gentle, honest feedback. What a find! A wonderful investment! Plus it was fun. I highly recommend Amy.

Ann Pollack - Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research, U.C.L.A.

Amy was not only very knowledgeable but extremely easy to work with. I was able to get everything within budget and it felt like I had a close friend shopping with me the whole time. Her suggestions and opinions were all amazing and I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you Amy for such a wonderful experience.

Antonio Stotzer, Aviation Student

Absolutely amazing! I wish I would have discovered Amy years ago -- it would have saved me from 1) not looking my best and 2) spending tons on clothing that simply wasn't "me".

Amy helped BOTH my husband and me figure out what "works" and what doesn't in our existing wardrobe. She helped identify around 10 new outfits for me from clothes I already own, in chic combinations that would have NEVER occurred to me.

She really "got" my personality and was able to recommend clothes that match. I've finally started to identify a previously-elusive "personal style"! :)

For my husband, she was able to tell him candidly what wasn't working (pants!) and what was. 

Then, we went on a joint shopping trip, which was fantastic. She teaches you what to look for when you shop.

Also, since she doesn't make commission from sales, she is very candid about ways you can save money. For example, she gives great advice on which items are worth splurging on, and which items can be gotten at Target :) 

I now look great every day. Thank you, Amy!!!

Mary W., Consultant

As a new mom dealing with a new baby, a new post-baby body, and a career shift into a more executive-oriented role, I needed some serious help with my wardrobe to reflect the changes in my life. Amy came to my rescue!

The first thing Amy did was come over to my house and help me clear through what I already had. For our first session, we spent several hours going through every piece of clothing hanging in my closet. With her guidance, I was finally able to purge a lot of the dead weight items in my wardrobe - stuff that was ill-fitting, damaged, wrong shade for my skintone, or didn't make me happy to own, while also guiding me to rethink pieces I was considering tossing because I didn't know how to use them. My closet looked happy again!

On our second session, Amy and I went shopping! Keeping in mind my tastes from what I had kept and what she had gotten to know about me, she picked out tons of new items for me (pieces I previously never would have imagined trying!) that have become versatile staples in my wardrobe. It was so eye opening and I learned a lot!

On our third session, Amy went back through and helped me reintegrate my new purchases into my existing wardrobe, and helped me figure out accessorizing strategies with the pieces I owned and what else I needed to round out my new look!

All in all, it was an awesome experience. I love my new look! Amy is such a pro at making you look like the best possible version of yourself, plus she is so friendly and easy to talk to. I still reach out to her from time to time when I have a style question, and I've saved myself several hundreds of dollars on bad buys after consulting with her for her expert advice. Although I've moved out of the LA area, I can't wait to work with her again the next time I'm back in town! Thanks so much, Amy!!

Pearl Lai, Marketing Brand Manager 

I hired Amy to review my closet and help me find clothes that fit me and my lifestyle. Amy came into my home to review my closet and get to know me. I felt very comfortable with Amy, even though it was our first time meeting, she made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. She has many years of experience and I found her style advice very valuable. I learned so much in our session. I wish I had found her sooner, I could've saved thousand of dollars on clothes I bought and never worn. She taught me what to look for when buying clothes so that I can develop the skill myself. In just three 5-hour session, I was able to downsize my closet to just the essentials and added several new pieces to my wardrobe. She also helped me put together over fifty different outfits and paired them with shoes and accessories to go with each outfit, then she took pictures and sent them to me. I am so excited to wear my new outfits and already started feeling more confident. I cannot say enough great things about Amy. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. Her price is very affordable and reasonable. She offers her continued service even after our sessions. I look forward to continuing to work with Amy and would recommend her to anyone looking for a personal stylist.

Samantha Nguon, Real Estate Agent

I hired Amy to help clean out my closet and refresh my mommy wardrobe. She was fantastic. She helped me decide what to keep, donate and throw away. She also put together some amazing mom friendly outfits...I get compliments at pre-school drop off anytime I wear them. Amy makes the process so easy and is like shopping with your best friend. I can't wait to shop with her again!

Chelsey Malk, Working Mom - Corporate Finance

Amy is wonderful! Hire her now to organize, shop for you or with you, advise on style! She will make your life easier and she will make you feel great about how you present yourself each day. We recently had a wonderful day re-organizing my closet. Amy has such a fun, comfortable, warm personality it is a pleasure spending time with her. I really appreciated her expert fashion advice and insight as we organized. Amy gave me such valuable tips on formal affairs, work attire, shoes, accessories, jeans, casual attire, jewelry and more. I can't wait to use her for upcoming events and wardrobe needs (wants?)! As a busy, full-time working mother of 2, I can tell you that my closet is now a breath of fresh air!  

Julie Marcantonio, TV Executive, Mom

Amy rocks at what she does! Since I am a working mom I have no time to shop and when I do I usually buy basic black dresses for any event I attend. Amy and I met briefly to discuss my needs and styles that I like. She then pulled dresses for me and dropped them off at my job. This enabled me to try them on at home after my children went to bed. I took pictures and sent them to Amy. She immediately returned my texts and we narrowed down my choices. Having Amy so accessible and by my side throughout the process was fun; like shopping with your best friend! Amy had the ability to make me feel completely comfortable when she took me out of my comfort zone to try new styles and colors. In fact I felt so confident that I picked out a dress that I never would have picked on my own and received so many compliments! I even bought another dress to have on hand for another occasion. She also helped pick out my husbands outfit for the event. I highly recommend Amy, best experience ever!

Andrea Hrboka, Teacher

Amy is fantastic! I can't recommend her enough! I did two consultations with Amy: special occasion outfit shopping and a closet audit. She was incredibly gracious in working with my last-minute scheduling requests, and she tackled both appointments with enthusiasm! What I appreciate most about Amy is how much she communicates her thought process during each of the sessions. It's one thing to shop or organize a closet with a friend - it's quite another to shop with a professional who can explain why certain styles or cuts work best for you.  

For the shopping session, Amy was very efficient. We were able to hit stores in two shopping centers and try on a couple "everyday" outfits even as we searched for the one special occasion outfit. I definitely learned some skills on how to shop with a purpose!

For the closet audit, I learned a ton. Not just about styling, but also how to care for my clothes and organize in more visually pleasing way. I thought that I had a decently clean closet (I had just moved across the country and tossed a lot!), but we were still able to find 6 bags of clothes to donate to Goodwill. Of course it's not just about weeding out the bad, Amy also had great suggestions on key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe. I'm working my way down the list!

Overall, Amy is wonderful and I enjoyed working with her. Highly recommend!

Grace Liou, Management Consultant

Amy was fantastic. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner! My wife gave me a home consultation as a gift. Amy went through my entire closet, helping me decide what to keep, what to alter, and what to toss. Believe me, I needed the help. I kind of knew what clothes worked well for me but not why. Amy not only gave the "what" but also the "why", so I can make better choices myself in the future. Then my wife and I did a shopping trip together with Amy, where she consulted for both of us. We hit several stores in a few hours and filled nearly every gap in my wardrobe while sticking to our budget. Amy would find a half-dozen interesting shirts that actually fit me in the time it would normally take me just to find the men's section (at which point I would be annoyed and ready to go home). And doing a "joint session" with my wife turned out to be a great idea. Neither of us have Amy's superhuman shopping endurance, so one of us would chill out in the mall while Amy helped the other, then we would switch! And FINALLY (if you're still reading) she has been super helpful answering followup questions by email or phone after the session. All in all, it's a fantastic value that I would recommend to anyone.

Luke Moland, Real Estate Investor

In preparation for a no-kids trip to Waikiki, my husband suggested that I get in touch with Amy for some ideas for finding a dress or two to wear for the nice dinners we had planned. She and I chatted through email a couple of times, while she and my husband chatted on their own, and we all decided that it would make the most sense for me to spend a day with her instead of trying to shop on my own. I almost never shop for myself and usually despise doing so, so I was quite intimidated by the prospect of spending all day doing nothing but that. 

Since we live in northern California, this required flying to LA for the day. Amy met me at the airport and took me directly to our first store. She had taken the day before to pull a LOT of clothes to try to fill the list of items I had sent her ahead of time, using the examples of colors and styles I liked and had sent her for guidance. After trying a few things on, she was quickly able to assess what colors and styles looked good on me and fit me well, and she sorted through what she had already pulled and went back to find more things for me to try. The process was incredibly efficient and fun and we were able to pick out a number of tops, bottoms, and dresses at this first stop that would work well for me. 

We continued on at several other stores in the same way, with Amy choosing things for me to try that I never would have looked at on my own, but that worked beautifully. I ended up with two dresses, some skirts, shorts, jeans, dress pants, shirts, shoes, and undergarments and filled the suitcase that I had brought with me. Amy was always positive, but honest, about how things looked, encouraged me to pick out items that struck me as well as the ones that she chose, and was tireless in getting me the things I needed in the limited time I had. I was exhausted by the time we left our last store and she dropped me back off at the airport, but thrilled with all of the wonderful things I was able to find for the trip and for everyday wear.

It seems a bit extreme to fly to another city to work with someone just to buy clothes, but the experience was worth every bit of time and effort. Amy has exceptional taste and judgement for what will work for an individual and is positive and supportive through the whole process. I had a wonderful day working with her and feel comfortable and confident every time I put on the clothes I bought. I would definitely recommend working with Amy, no matter where you live!

Missy St.Pierre-Sands, Outdoor School Field Instructor

I recently engaged Amy to work with my wife Missy as a gift in advance of our special no-kids holiday in Hawaii. Missy has never really enjoyed shopping for herself, but working with Amy was fantastic for her. Amy consulted with her in advance to get a preliminary sense of her sizes, style, and wish list, and also with me -- on the down-low ;) -- on questions of Missy's comfort level with the process and budget sensitivities for us both. Taking all of that into account, Amy did a huge amount of work pre-shopping before Missy arrived in LA, pulling tons of things to consider at a variety of shops they would hit on the shopping day itself. When Missy got there, Amy worked with her throughout the day to refine her personal style and find her things that she loves and will wear far beyond our vacation. Amy's professionalism, passion, energy, and dead-on fashion skills turned what otherwise might have been a chore into a genuinely enjoyable and eye-opening experience for Missy. She's absolutely thrilled with the items she ended up buying with Amy's guidance, and so am I. Gents, I cannot praise Amy and her services enough as a perfect special gift for the woman in your life, even if she is the type who enjoys shopping for her self but especially if she's not. Amy gets my highest possible recommendation, not to mention my genuine gratitude for all of her hard and outstanding work!

Thank you!

Michael Sands, Attorney

I worked with Amy for years during our time at Entertainment Tonight. She is an absolutely wonderful stylist and personal shopper. She has dressed me for everything from everyday styles, to on-set fashion, to full on glam red carpet gowns. She is great fun to work with and be around, and knows how to find styles that are authentic to who I am.

Mary Hart, Former Host of Entertainment Tonight

I had a great experience with Amy during my closet audit. She acknowledges that the experience can be emotional and is very encouraging throughout the process. We had a discussion before we started about my goals and vision for presenting my "best self" on a daily basis, and she gave me practical, low-key advice based on my lifestyle that I have been able to follow even months after our meeting. Throughout the process, Amy has been amazingly warm and creative in her approach. I no longer dread going to my closet in the morning with the question "what do I wear today?" because everything is organized in way that almost anything I pull out will go together. By re-thinking clothing combinations and tailoring other items, I was able to "shop in my own closet" and get 6 "new" outfits that were based on things I already owned. I liked the experience so much that I gave my husband a "closet audit" as a gift!

Suzanne Lye, University Professor

Amy is fully versed in all aspects of style and is a wonderful person for pulling together looks, advising on "toss" and "keep" and helping fill the holes in your closet. She is very attentive and provides a wonderful service. Hire her!

Nancy Hyman

I had the greatest experience with Amy. She helped me get rid of clothes I haven't worn in years that were taking up space in my closet. We then went through the clothes I kept to see what I was lacking as far as basics were concerned. Not only did we go through all my clothes she helped me weed out my shoes, belts and scarfs. We then went shopping and she helped me pick out clothes and shoes and put together outfits I wouldn't have done on my own. She is great at what she does and helped me look at my wardrobe through different eyes. I am forever grateful.

Marti Ruiz, Make-Up Artist

I have been searching for a pair of black slacks for work for over 5 years. I have tried on dozens of styles and brands and had decided I just wasn't meant to wear a nice dress pant. Then I met Amy. I met her at the shopping center and she had pre-pulled over a dozen pairs for me to try. I wasn't very hopeful, but I went for it and tried on every pair without even looking in the mirror. I let Amy handle the evaluation. And then like magic, we found a pair! in less than an hour no less! Crazy I would have never thought it was possible! Amy is a professional, listens to your needs, cares about you feeling good with a style and cut, and has no judgment of budget. I highly recommend her services and even purchased her closet consultation as a gift for my sister-in law! Thanks Amy!

Liz Sears

I worked with Amy when she was the head stylist at Entertainment Tonight. Amy always came through with a knockout look whether I needed casual or formal or anything in between. She has an eye for what is on trend, but more importantly she knows how to dress a woman in a way that is most flattering for her body. And bonus, she's fun. The total package!

Brooke Anderson, Co-Host of Entertainment Tonight

Amy helped me with a closet audit and a shopping trip. Her personality is so easy to work with it was like being with a friend with spot-on fashion sense but way more patience and tact than anyone else would have. She organized the shopping trip so well I was able to do way more than I would on my own, and with her advice and suggestions I was confident I had found some great pieces that will work well for me.

Ahree Lee

Amy is terrific! She has the best personality for what she does, great suggestions, and a ton of expertise. We spent 5 hours going through my closet and weeding it out. And 5 bags of clothing and shoes went to Goodwill as a result. She is super supportive, non judgmental, but also honest. She is skilled at working with who you are and staying true to what you want to accomplish. I can't imagine anyone not loving their time with her and feeling it was worth every penny! Definitely contact her!

Elaine Barrington

I planned an event for a women's lawyer group and Amy was the presenter. She was extremely easy to work with and did an amazing presentation. We had many questions, and she answered all of them. She gave great tips and ideas. I felt inspired after her presentation. I would not hesitate to recommend her for group presentations.

Rachelle Cohen, Attorney 

Amy came to my house and helped clear the clutter from my wardrobe... there was a lot!  

Decisions that I have waffled on for weeks/months/years were made in seconds with her effective expertise (e.g. I buy an item, wear it once, realize I don't like it, hang on to it for years because I have yet to get value from it, so it sits in my closet reminding me of the bad choice I made, think about getting rid of it, don't).

Not sure if I needed a wardrobe consultant or a shrink, Ha! Either way, Amy was a great help!

Matthew Casella

Amy was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable right from the start and eased me into outfits I would have never even thought I could wear. I'm going to look like a fashionista at my 30th High School reunion. I'm looking forward to working with her again.

Paige Hicks

My husband actually got me Amy's services as a gift. I was initially a bit nervous. What's it like to have a stranger go through your closet? Short answer -- when it's Amy, it's a great experience! She is so warm and sweet, I had nothing to be worried about! 
We took an honest look at each item in my closet and talked about if I wear it and if it worked for me. At the end, I was left with a closet with only clothes that I'll wear and that I know will look good on me. It makes my mornings so much easier!
Next up, a shopping experience! I'm really looking forward to it!

Ann Petit-Thompson, Educator

I used Amy's services as a stylist for my Oscars dress. After our initial meeting, she had 20-30 gowns ready for me within a few days. She chose colors and styles that were incredibly flattering and on-point with the hottest fashion trends. I've never had as much confidence for the event as I have this year, thanks to Amy's expertise. She removed the stress from the equation making it simple and quite fun. I'm incredibly impressed!

Jo Daniel, Producer

Amy was so great to work with. I wanted a new outfit for a work holiday party. With a budget of less than $250, in less than a day Amy picked out over 10 outfits for me! While trying them on, Amy was very honest about which outfits worked best for my body type. She could take an outfit that I didn't think looked great on me and show that with a few minor alterations it could be a great outfit. She has a great eye!
Love my new outfit and loved working with Amy and would recommend her to anyone.

Stephanie Flitcroft

Amy is the most amazing personal shopper and stylist. Not only does she have incredible taste and can work with every body type… but she is so kind and sweet. Working with her is like working with a best girlfriend because it is SO much fun. I can't recommend her services enough.

She is truly the best in the business and will make you feel so gorgeous. I can't wait to to work with her again in the future!

Erica Stein

Amy gets the job done! Professional and uses all resources to get her clients what they need. Worked with her many years and she always did an outstanding job.

Kevin Frazier, Host of Entertainment Tonight

I have known Amy for years. She has advised me on fashion multiple times and for a wide variety of occasions. For example, I had a very fancy summer wedding to attend. I was on a budget (I wanted to spend $200 or less) and Amy immediately suggested that I go to the Tadashi Shoji store at South Coast Plaza. She found a beautiful midnight blue dress that fit me perfectly! (And for just $160)!!! She helped me complete my entire outfit with a pair of gorgeous nude pumps. I've never received more compliments in my life!! Another example of Amy's fashion expertise is when I did a boudoir photo shoot. Amy wanted a vintage 1950's pin up look for me. She took me shopping and put together an outfit that was classy and incredibly sexy! One last example I have to share is also the most recent. A couple of months ago I went to see Lady Gaga in concert. I wanted a fun, sexy outfit that was not too over-the-top. Once again, Amy hit it out of the park. No matter what the occasion or your budget, Amy has the fashion knowledge to make you look and feel beautiful. I just chose these examples to show how wide of a range her understanding of fashion is. If you let Amy be your fashion consultant, you will NOT regret it! I don't know what I'd do without her! She absolutely knows her stuff and you will end up looking AMAZING!

Deirdre Cole, Teacher

Amy is amazing!! Listened to my wants and needs and helped me to achieve the look I wanted!! I can't wait to work with her again!!! Next season can't come soon enough!!!

Kathie Taylor, Working Mom