Here is to 2018 and a few things I learned in 2017

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. The last year of my life has been a real challenge both for myself and my family.

Its been a little over 9 months since my last Chemotherapy and it was exactly everything its cracked up to be, shitty. I recovered pretty quickly from the first treatment but it got progressively worse and by the last treatment I was left with lots of side effects for some time. The worst of which are over but some still linger…like teary eyes wherever I go. Good news is, my faith in humanity has been a little restored because strangers continually ask me if Im OK because they think I'm crying.

When I was diagnosed I was very careful to not refer to myself as ‘sick’ especially around my children, it was very important to me that they not see me like that. Well, they did see it, all of it, and even some of the worst moments. However, thanks to amazing friends and family I would say my kids kept a pretty normal life going.

My husband and I, not so much. I was not able to work through all of my treatments and he had to take a tremendous amount of days off of work to help take care of me. So, in addition to the stress of my Cancer now we are stressed about lost wages and how to pay our bills. Only, I had to focus on getting better and kicking Cancer ass so really, it was just Matthew who had to bear the burden of the stress for both of us.

Months ago, before my hair started growing back, I was at a party, a party I really did not want to attend because I got tired of going out in public and having people stare at me like I was dying. I went though, with all of the confidence I could muster. It was a kid's birthday party, a friend of my daughters from school. So it was just Ruthie and I. Let's be clear, hanging out and trying to make new ‘mom’ friends is hard anyway. If you add Cancer and a bald head to the equation it makes it even worse. Still, I put on my happy face and went for it. Somehow, sitting at a table with four other moms I thought it would break the ice if I just brought up my Cancer casually. Don't ask me how or what I said because I cant really remember, it may have just been something I blurted out because I could tell they were all wondering what was wrong with me…or at least thats how I felt. Anyway, one of the moms asked me what I thought my ‘take away’ was from going through everything I have and am still going through. I did not hesitate in answering her question. 

First and probably most obvious, live everyday and don't take it for granted because you just never know what could be lurking around the corner. Second and most important for me is that I realize without a shadow of a doubt I chose to live my life and have children with an amazing human. I thought this after the birth of both my children but going through Cancer has sealed the deal. Matthew has been everything to me for a long time but this is on another level. I could not have gotten through this last year without him and he may have even surpassed how great I thought he could be. He is my rock, he is a great dad, and he thinks I'm super sexy with my kick ass, super short, barely there haircut. 

Now, I have recovered from my 3rd, and final, surgery and I feel pretty great, some days are better than others. People are starting to compliment my ‘haircut’ as if it was a legit style choice. In September I started taking clients again (spread the word) and hopefully I am finding my new normal.

Here are some pics throughout my journey, thanks for taking it with me!




It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since my last “What’s New” Post. Business has been great and I am fortunate that I have been doing what I love. A few months ago when I was contemplating my “Fall Fashion” piece, I discovered something that put my posts, my career and my life on hold…

In October I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, DCIS to be exact, one of the most common and curable Breast Cancers. My husband and I affectionately coined it 'easy peasy Cancer'....we have young kids, we can't help it. Seriously though, we were told surgery then your done!

Even though we have all been touched by Cancer in some way I never thought of it happening to me. I mean, I eat super healthy, I my six year old daughter said “Mommy, that's impossible, you’re the healthiest person in our family.”  News Flash, doesn't matter. Nope. Cancer sometimes just happens. The Big ‘C'.

Long story short, it was not just one surgery, it was two, including a double mastectomy. It is not just one Cancer it is two. Every step of the way there has been another hurdle. My prognosis is still very good and my plan to kick this Cancer right in the ass seems to be working thus far.

In January I will start Chemo. I am scared, I am terrified and I will loose my hair......yes my hair, you heard me, my long, amazing, mermaid like hair, some would say my 'Thing', all things people have said to me about my locks. Well, as some of you may know I preemptively chopped it all off already to get used to the feeling, although I'm pretty sure nothing can prepare you for being bald.

When I first got this news I had strong feelings about keeping it to close friends and family, I mean I'm not going to post it on FB...or on my website...or IG much less Twitter. “That's just not me,” I said.

Then I realized talking about it is OK. It’s therapeutic and eventually I'm going to be able to take clients again and I might not have hair, wait that's weird, how do I go into people's homes helping them feel fabulous when I don't feel fabulous myself?

That brings me to this post, I will have bad days but my mission is to bring every ounce of positivity to the surface for myself and for anyone else who wants to come along for the ride.

I'm not sure what lies ahead for 2017 but I know it includes me.







Here in Los Angeles the weather is just now getting a little chilly, time for jackets, vests, and sweaters! The great news is that there are lots of different styles of coats and sweaters to match everyone's personality this season. Here are the four looks I think are the most versatile additions to your closet and some cute ways to style them.

LEATHER. Leather has become a classic must have in outerwear. You could choose to be bold with your leather choice and go with an amazing color like red, pairing it with fun animal print accessories. The combination of mixing fringe (another must have) with your leather makes for a chic addition to any outfit. Layering is a great way to add more style to your look and a leather biker vest is perfect for this. The black leather biker jacket is a great addition to your closet. There is a style and a price point for everyone.

MILITARY INSPIRED. There are many different ways to rock this current look. Here, the long double breasted wool coat with shoulder detail is well done in chocolate brown, paired with over the knee boots and a mini skirt. Add a pair of opaque tights for more warmth. For a daytime look wear the classic army green overskirt with your go-to boyfriend jeans and striped shirt. Or, a slightly dressier version in ¾ length could take you from work to dinner with friends. If you like to make a statement choose a style that has a removable faux fur collar to be dressed up or down.

TRADITIONAL TRENCH. A camel or white cashmere car coat is a twist on the traditional that feels so good on and can transition to almost any outfit seamlessly. Plaid is everywhere this Fall/Winter. What better way to get in on this look than to have a great plaid overcoat? If you are going to buy just one jacket, grey is the way to go due to its versatility. This unstructured, flowing style can be so chic with leggings & boots.

LONG SWEATERS. ¾ length knits are taking over the sweater world! An oversized chunky look is perfect wrapped and held closed with a great belt. This grey blanket sweater over an all black outfit is so sleek with clean lines. I am a huge fan of pattern mixing, an easy way to achieve this is with a sweater that does it for you. This high/low wrap is perfect for a cozy weekend in or outdoors. Last but not least, nothing beats a classic neutral cardigan. Loving this cream with the sleeves pushed up to add extra flair.


How to bring a little fashion to your white t-shirt

The basic white t-shirt is a staple in everyone's closet. This little number can be styled many different ways; crewneck, V-neck, or classic boy tee. We should all have at least one!

HOT AND EDGY. Paired with a great pair of jeans, blazer and nude heels, this look can be versatile and sexy.  I have said before that I love mixing something glitzy with a really casual piece.  Nothing works better than this leopard print sequin pencil skirt and denim jacket, with a killer bootie this look can go from day to night.

KEEP IT CASUAL. All of us have paired our favorite denim with a t-shirt. Punch up this look by wearing a colorful sneaker & matching handbag. During the Spring and Summer, this linen jogger pant and metallic sandal make 'feeling like your in PJ's' a lot more stylish.

SKIRTS. Boho chic is my go-to comfy & stylish look, a maxi skirt is perfect for this. Throw on some layered jewelry and maybe a hat for the perfect weekend day out. Do you have that skirt you bought and then realized the print is so crazy you can't find a top to wear with it?  In most cases your white tee will look great while letting the skirt shine!

SHORTS. Whether it's a cute print, or denim cut-offs, a white tee with a cardigan or a light weight jacket is a great combination.

ACCESSORIZE.  Remember that the key to making this look a bit more stylish is to add some simple, effortless accessories.

Summer Sandals!


I'm frequently asked about summer sandals. What style? What color? Is there something that I can wear all summer that's versatile and not too trendy? The truth is you have to find what works for you. Here are some of my favorites. 

The Classic. These are fun and easy to wear and almost never go out of style. Whether you are sporting your boyfriend jeans, white denim or your favorite shorts. I love the pink for a burst of color. 

The Wedge. This is one of those sandals I recommend to all of my clients. A wedge can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion. With so many to choose from you are sure to find one to fit your style and budget. 

The Gladiator. The high gladiators can be chic in black paired with an LBD and a statement necklace. For the more adventurous there are also many faux animal prints to wear with your favorite T-Shirt dress. If channeling your inner Roman means a lower profile sandal then a simple black or a pale pink with detailed lacing may be for you.

Metallics. Another of my must-haves in your closet. A metallic sandal can be the only accessory you need to wear in the summer. A metallic and beading combo is my favorite Boho look. Find your perfect pair of rose, gold or silver and it will be your go-to summer sandal.



There are so many cute sneakers available right now and lots of clients have been asking me how to work them into their style. Here are some ideas for your everyday looks. 

Don't be afraid to mix up your denim and thrown on some red kicks. A pop of color brightens up a monotone outfit. 

Your gym shoes aren't just for working out. Pair them with your favorite blazer for a chic look. For a more casual feel throw on your boyfriend jeans and a white T. 

The slip-on sneaker is perfect with denim to dress up or down. 

'Chucks' never go out of style.



I think a good chambray shirt is a must in everyones closet! It is such a simple yet comfortable way to change up an outfit and make it even more stylish.

Of course chambray can make for a great casual look. Paired with white denim, pop of color shorts, layered over a patterned shirt or layered with a moto jacket in the fall.

If you were unsure whether or not chambray can be made acceptable for work, good news, it can! A blazer and necklace can make a great statement, for something more chic trying pairing your denim shirt with a pair of high waisted pants in a bold color, or a patterned pencil skirt. In the cooler months go for layers with a sweater and a blazer.

Who doesn't want their outfit to go from day to night?  Here are some tips to make that work with your chambray. Why not combine 2 great trends this season? The floral bohemian maxi skirt with chambray is both beautiful and elegant. Another great idea is to pair it with a stylish deconstructed blazer, and don't forget your statement necklace. I also really like using the denim shirt as a light jacket, pairing that with a tank top and some layered long necklaces is the way to go. Last but not least.....sequins! I think pairing something really dressy with something really casual is a great combination and can take you from daytime straight to dinner or a night out.



When said they would like to feature me and my business on their website, I was incredibly excited. is not only a great resource for moms in general, giving support, advice, encouragement and much needed laughter, they are also a champion for us 'momprenures' as we try to balance our duties as mom and leaders of our businesses.

I am very proud to count myself among the growing number of Momprenures. Please take a moment to read about my journey



Remember when we were kids and we could throw on a romper and call it a day? Well those days are back! Jumpsuits and rompers are very much in style for every occasion. Simple, elegant and effortless. 

The best part is that there are jumpsuits and rompers available for every body type.

Solid colors are perfect to pair with a statement necklace. With long pants it's a chic option to wear to a wedding.

They are available in so many great patterns for spring and summer. Easy to pack for weekend getaways or take from day to night.

SpringTime is here!

Springtime florals & all things nature, fresh picked for you!

I am inspired lately by all the flowers, leaves, and nature watercolors in fashion for Spring.  They are so pretty and feminine it’s hard to not feel happy while wearing them. Here are some tips on how to bring this current look into your Spring wardrobe.

Pair a nice floral pant with a simple tee and statement necklace for a casual daytime look.  

I know mixing patterns makes some people nervous but it’s effortless and stylish this Spring.  Pair a simple floral with a nice stripe for a fashionable twist.

Do you have a Spring wedding to go to?  Try wearing a simple but chic floral maxi dress like one of these. They are perfectly appropriate for a day or night ceremony.

Maybe you just want to accent your look with nature?  It’s easy to do with this season’s accessories.  They are everywhere from head bands, scarves and bracelets, to bolder necklaces, shoes, and handbags.